Goat - Sheep milking stand (milk stand)

Goat - Sheep milking stand (milk stand)
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Welcome. We sell goat and sheep products to help you in the care of your animals. Each item is designed and built by our ironworks with special attention to quality and ease of use. We specialize in high quality items made for long use. All of our items can be made available as custom orders; we can change size!! Just contact us for your needs. We have been selling these stands for years to many happy buyers, just check our feedback! Buy with confidence! These stands fit any size goat, with or without horns, priced affordable, and ship for free!!!! we have been listing these stands on ebay for over 7 years, you can check our feedback!! ebay user i.d. 8269k We have been raising and showing goats for almost 20 years, we know what it takes to have a successful goat operation. Our milk and fitting stands are made in the U.S.A. by American welders, and American steel. These are not cheep Chinese products. Help keep American workers employed, and help keep American dollars at home!!! We strive to make these stands better, more durable, even easier to use, and still keep them in the same price range to make them affordable. Our milk and fitting stands set up and fold up with the insertion or removal of just one pin! NO BOLTS TO TIGHTEN! This design makes these platforms rock solid. The milk stand stanchions slip into the deck pockets with four points of anchor, this makes the stanchion as solid as it can be. Unlike milk stands that have just one point of anchor from the stanchion to deck, our 4 point design will not twist, or bend out and in, which goats love to do while their being milked out. The milk and fitting stands lock together when FLAT! All welds are clean and smooth! We are so confidant in the structural welding and designs our shop has made to these items that we now offer a money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the construction, we will refund your purchase price, minus the shipping fees. And we will warrantee these stands for one year, not to break or fail, under normal use of the stand, even if left outside. We cannot guarantee the paint, even though we use the best paint you can get, the paint should last for several years. BUY WHOLESALE FROM US AND SAVE UP TO HALF OFF RETAIL PRICE LISTED ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE WEB. THESE STANDS ARE GREAT FOR THE USE IN LARGE DAIRY OPERATIONS, SMALL HOBBY FARMS, 4-H clubs, or for SELF RELIENT / OFF GRID / SURVIALIST TYPE FOLKS. NOTHING IS BETTER THAN A GALLON OF MILK A DAY IN A FEW MINUTES TIME ACCOMPLISHED USING ONE OF OUR STANDS WITH EASE AND PIECE OF MIND FOR YOU AND YOUR GOATS. OUR STANDS ARE BUILT TO LAST DECADES, OUT LIVE YOUR GOATS, AND YOU COULD PROBABLY SELL THEM 10-20 YEARS FROM NOW TO SOMEONE ELSE FOR WHAT YOU PAID FOR THE STAND. MANY FOLKS HAVE ASKED US,"WHY DON'T YOU OFFER A SMALLER STAND?" ANSWER- THERE IS A REASON THAT MANUFACTURES LIKE US, SLYDELL, HOGGER, AND CAPRINE SUPPLY BUILD MILK STANDS THAT ARE 4 FOOT BY 20 INCHES. THIS SIZE ALLOWS MILKERS TO MILK FROM THE REAR OF THE ANIMAL OR FROM THE SIDE, WITH PLENTY OF ROOM TO SIT ON THE DECK. TRY TO MILK A NUBIAN, TOGG, ALPINE, OR LAMANCHA ON A 3 FOOT BY 16 INCH DECK...GOOD LUCK...ALMOST IMPOSIBLE!! EVEN WITH A VERY MANAGABLE ANIMAL. BUT WE CAN BUILD THE STANDS SHORTER - HIGHER IF YOU WANT, JUST CONTACT US. OUR ANGLE IRON DECKS ARE MUCH BETTER THAN STANDS WITH SQUARE TUBE DECKS, FOR THE FACT THAT THE EXPANDED METAL IS SECURED UNDER THE DECK, NOT ON THE TOP!!! EXPANDED METAL SECURED TO THE TOP OF THE DECK IS LIKE A CHEESE GRADER ON YOUR SKIN AND CLOTHES. THESE STANDS ARE RATED AT 350 POUNDS WEIGHT ON THEM. (we have stacked 7, 50# feed sacks dead center on the deck with no deck bending) 1. WIDE DECK FRAME METAL. 1 1/2" 2. 1" SQUARE TUBE FOR LEGS AND STANCHION. 3. MID LEG TO MID DECK SUPPORT FOR MAXIMUM STRENGTH. 4. THESE STANDS PAINTED IN BLACK. THESE STANDS WEIGH , ROUGHLY 40 POUNDS, AND ARE SUITED TO EVERYDAY FARM USE WITH MANY ANIMALS. IF YOU ARE MILKING 10+ ANIMALS TWICE A DAY, THEN THIS IS THE STAND FOR YOU. DECK AND LEGS ARE SECURED BY A CENTRAL PIN POINT, THIS MAKES FOR ZERO SHIFTING OF THE LEGS AND MAXIMUM WEIGHT ALLOWANCE!!!! PLEASE NOTE: FEED PAN IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING, IT IS FOR REFERENCE ONLY. This is not your standard mass produced heavy, bulky stand. It is compact and easy to move and transport yet very sturdy for even using to groom your largest bucks. Each of our stands is individually made in jigs to be sure of all measurements and secure welds. you can purchase 10 stands and they will all be identical. This extra care to detail also makes sure that there are no sharp edges for you or your goats to get hung up and hurt on. SAFETY IS ONE OF OUR MAIN OBJECTIVES FOR YOU AND YOUR ANIMALS!! Our iron works designed these stands with the fact in mind that most members of the goat show community are women and kids just learning. We have designed a light weight, very sturdy stand, for ease of use. I have used these stands on our yearling Lamancha does to week old kidds to senior Boer bucks with out problems. My daughters have no trouble packing up their "practice" stand and moving it all over our yard or barn. It folds down very easily and reassembles with equal ease. You can also use these stands in cunjunction with your goat milking machines. You could also use these stands as restraint for such tasks as , using your clipping shears, tattoo id's., hoof trimings, giving health and worming medications. THESE STANDS ARE MUCH BETTER THAN WOOD STANDS. WOOD STANDS CAN ROT OR BE CHEWED ON BY GOATS. METAL STANDS CAN LAST A LIFETIME, AND ARE MUCH LIGHTER AND STRONGER THAN WOODEN STANDS. THESE MILK STANDS HAVE A SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE OF $340. actual dimentions of stand are: Floor to top of stand 58" inches floor to deck is 17" inches feed rail adjusts from 12 inches high to 28 inches high in 2 inch increments lock bar has 4 way side adjustments of 2 inches each deck measurements are 20 inches by 4 feet--1 1/2" by 3/16 angle iron with a 9 gauge expanded metal deck. folds down flat and locks together for easy transport, measures 4 ft x 20 inches x 4 inches, when folded flat for storage or transport. weight is about 40 lbs plus packing material. feed pan is not included we us the 3 quart little gaint brand feeders and they work great with this stand, although just about any hanging type feeder will work on the stanchion. These milk stands will fit any breed of goat, ( Nubian, Saanen, Lamancha, Alpine, Toggenburg, Pygmy, Nigerian Dwarf goats) horned or dissbudded, guarenteed. TO SUM THINGS UP, THESE STANDS ARE WORKS OF ART, AND COULD LAST YOU A LIFETIME, AND ARE PRICED REASONABLE ENOUGH THAT ANY DAIRY GOAT OPERATION CAN AFFORD TO PURCHASE ONE OF THESE STANDS (OR 2). WHAT A NEAT ITEM TO HAVE FOR YOUR DAIRY GOAT SHOW, OR GOAT CLUB, TO AUCTION OFF IN A RAFFLE!!! PLEASE READ THIS: WE PREFER TO SHIP THESE STANDS UPS GROUND, AS THEY TAKE LESS TIME TO GET TO YOU, AND UPS PROVIDES BETTER TRACKING OF ITEMS DURING SHIPMENT.

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